19 September 2016

I was Hoping for Stealthy McStealthface

The USAF has named its new bomber, the B-21, the "Raider" as an homage to the Jimmy Doolittle raids on Japan:
Almost seven months after designating Northrop Grumman’s next-generation stealth aircraft the B-21, U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah James announced on Sept. 19 that it will be called the Raider, in honor of the Doolittle Raiders who took on the Japanese during World War II.

The name came about through a poll of airmen that ran from March to May, with the winnowing down of potential names to a handful of top submissions. From more than 4,600 entries, the winning name "Raider" was revealed by Lt. Col. (ret.) Richard Cole at the opening of the Air Force Association’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference at National Harbor, Maryland. Cole is one of the last surviving Doolittle Raiders; he was co-pilot in aircraft No. 1.


There had been speculation that the Air Force’s B-21 name would honor a World War II aerial bombardment type, such as the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Superfortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, North American B-25 Mitchell or Martin B-26 Marauder.
In choosing Raider, the air branch has rejected ghoulish suggestions like "Wraith" or "Spectre" as well as tongue-in-cheek nods to the aircraft’s low-observable profile such as "Stealthy McSteathface" and "Dr. Stealthlove."
It should have been "Stealthy McStealthface".

Also, why the B-21?  What are the 18 aircraft between the B-2 and this?


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