08 September 2016

Bigger Third Party Candidate Fail

Proving, as Charles Pierce says, that the Libertarians put the wrong guy at the top of the ticket, Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, drew a blank on what the f%$# Aleppo was:

The Libertarian's 'what is Aleppo' flub comes at a particularly inopportune time for the long-shot candidate.

In a make-or-break moment, Gary Johnson broke.

During an interview in which Johnson would later say he mentally “blanked,” the Libertarian Party presidential nominee on Thursday flubbed a question on the Syrian civil war, asking, “What is Aleppo?”

His fellow MSNBC panelists were agape, as Johnson had just claimed unfamiliarity with a city at the heart of Syria’s ongoing civil war and humanitarian crisis. Johnson spent the rest of the morning on a self-flagellating apology tour, including a brief follow-up interview with Mark Halperin in which Johnson admitted frustration at his answer, an appearance on The View, and a statement of public mea culpa.
Yeah, a mea culpa on The View is going to make this all better.

You have the Green Party candidate with an arrest warrant out against her for vandalism,* this guy, and I've seen over a dozen Clinton ads this week, and they all talk more about Trump than her.

I have never seen more bizarrely self-destructive Presidential campaigns in my lifetime.

*Actually, the arrest warrant is for a protest against a pipeline company that is going straight through a sacred Indian burial ground, which is kind of cool.


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