16 August 2016

From Libertarian Ubermensch to Sucking at the Taxpayer's Tit

The city of Arlington Virginia is looking at paying Uber to take people to metro stops:
Arlington County is looking to partner with transportation providers such as Uber and Lyft to offer residents rides from more remote residential areas of the county where bus service to Metro stations is limited.

The on-demand option would replace some fixed bus service in north Arlington.

“What we would be supporting is picking up residents in their neighborhood and taking them to one or two designated stops, most likely a transit station,” said Marti Reinfeld, the county’s interim transit bureau chief. “The county will subsidize that at some level.”

It could take a couple of years before such a program launches, but county transportation officials say they want to do so as soon as possible. Arlington joins a growing number of U.S. transit agencies that are exploring partnerships with the popular app-based companies to leverage their success and improve service to residents.
I guess that Uber is changing its business plan:  Instead of just abusing and endangering drivers and passengers, they will now also suck up taxpayer money that would otherwise go to providing decent mass transit.

This has "fail" written all over it.


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