03 June 2016

I Have an Irresistable Urge to Live in a Cave for the Next 5 Months

It appears that a low level Bernie Sanders staffer was doing advance work for a rally in California, and was looking at holding the event at an airport.

It turns out that there was a sky diving concern there, and said staffer name dropped to get a chance at doing a tandem jump with the proprietor of NorCal Skydiving, Jimmy Haliday.

This ended up with (I'm not joking here) international coverage about Bernie Sanders skydiving:
Bernie Sanders will not be skydiving into a California rally, as was briefly, but widely speculated on Friday.

Yet remarkably, it does seem that the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign team explored the idea of parachuting the 74-year-old candidate into the event.

The unlikely rumor was widely shared on social media after a story in the Press Democrat, a local paper in northern California, suggested the Vermont senator might skydive at an evening rally hosted by a skydiving company at the Cloverdale Municipal airport, about 90 miles north of San Francisco.

The campaign was swift to shoot down the rumor. “Ha I wouldn’t count on it,” Sanders spokeswoman Sarah Ford texted the Guardian when asked for confirmation.


On Thursday, Halliday, whose business is renting out airport space to the campaign, even did a trial jump with a member of the Sanders team. “They tested me out ... I kind of showed them what Bernie might expect.”

It appears that the staffer who jumped with Halliday was a (possibly overzealous) member of the campaign’s “advance team”, which scouts locations and prepares for rallies. It is unclear if queries about the senator jumping out of an aircraft were sanctioned by his campaign headquarters.
If you had any doubt, we are officially in the silly season, and it's only going to get worse.

I just want to get away from it all until the damn election is over?

Anyone know of any AirBNB vacancies in Pyongyang?

I'm sick of this crap.


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