19 June 2016

Finally a Small Reason to Buy Windows 10

Microsoft has added a (still Beta) feature to Windows 10, which will allow users to do a clean install of the OS to remove crapware that manufacturers install in their PC's:
Windows 10 already includes ways to clear out applications and data to repair misbehaving systems or prepare them to be sold, courtesy of the Refresh and Reset features added in Windows 8. Microsoft is now adding a third option: a new refresh tool.

Currently available only for Windows Insiders, the new tool fetches a copy of Windows online and performs a clean installation. The only option is whether or not you want to preserve your personal data. Any other software that's installed will be blown away, including the various applications and utilities that OEMs continue to bundle with their systems.
This is an upgrade from Microsoft that actually is an improvement, as opposed to, for example, the abomination that is ribbon.


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