09 May 2016

What a Bunch of Hypocritical Pearl Clutching

Over at the former Kaplan Test Prep company, now a division of Amazon, Dana Milbank is having the vapors over Donald Trump's sometimes salty language.

This from the guy who joked about Hillary Clinton drinking Mad Bitch Beer.

Seriously? If there is anyone in the Washington commentariat who is less well qualified to talk about misogyny and profanity, I haven't read them yet:
Here’s a serious question for Republican officeholders: WTF?

Now that Trump has a lock on the presidential nomination, many top Republicans — too many — are moving to embrace this vulgar man for the sake of party unity. It is a real [expletive] show.

The man who would be the Grand Old Party’s standard-bearer has said the following things (among many others) in front of thousands of men, women and children (and millions more via the media):

On U.S. companies relocating overseas: “You can tell them to go f--- themselves.

On China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea: “They’re ripping the sh-- out of the sea.

On the Islamic State? “I would bomb the sh-- out of ISIS.

Earlier, on dealing with China: “Listen, you motherf---ers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent.

And on climate change: “This very expensive global warming bullsh-- has got to stop.

Republicans: This vulgarian speaks for you?
Seriously Dana, go Cheney yourself.

And Jeff (Bezos) make Dana do some useful work for his paycheck.


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