22 April 2016

What Joe Biden Said

In an interview with the New York Times, Biden makes a very trenchant point:

“I like the idea of saying, ‘We can do much more,’ because we can,” Mr. Biden said in an interview on the Washington-to-Wilmington, Del., Amtrak train he has ridden throughout four decades in national politics.

“I don’t think any Democrat’s ever won saying, ‘We can’t think that big — we ought to really downsize here because it’s not realistic,’ ” he said in a mocking tone. “C’mon man, this is the Democratic Party! I’m not part of the party that says, ‘Well, we can’t do it.’”
It puts something about Hillary's campaign for President in perspective.

Much like a dog chasing a car, she has no idea what to do if she catches the Presidency.


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