26 April 2016

The Voters have Spoken ……… the Bastards

Sanders loses Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware.

What's more, both Donna Edwards and Joe Sestak lost the Senate primaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

I am seriously bumming.


Rick Haley said...

Hillary will make a great president. Strong, savvy to the ways of washington. Since the hillbillys haven't really figured out a way to demonize her, white woman, bengazi...old news..beat to death..
Maybe guns? Pretty strong about more gun control. 2a-ers are gearing up for a battle. Sanders? no way. All about giving free stuff away..admitted taxes would need to raised. I like him though..especially when he came to kansaas and basically told the audience he'd heard they had a guvnor that cut the kids school quality and hated old people..

Matthew Saroff said...

Two points:
* Hillary was to the right of Sanders in 2008, so it's a pose.
* On college, the tax is on securities speculation, which is a bad thing that should be taxed like alcohol and tobacco.
* On universal healthcare, 95%+ of the people would end up saving money, because government run healthcare is cheaper than the private market.

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