10 April 2016

I Had a Major Freakout Today

I picked up Natalie from visiting her boy friend Ryan.

He was wearing a tank top, and I noticed that, much like me, he was a seriously hairy dude.

I described him as, "A Wookie."

He entered college majoring engineering, though he is switching to music production.

While we were driving home, we discussed his music, and I discovered that, for a while at least, he played the trombone.

Hairy, engineer, trombone player.

That describes her dad as well.

My mind was completely blown.

Natalie was unamused.

Charlie, who was in the car with us, laughed so hard he nearly wet himself.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

What's wrong with hairy?

Look at the bright side, he could be a physicist actor.

Matthew Saroff said...

Yes, that would be horrible.

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