22 January 2016

It's One Thing to Be Lied to, It's Another to Be Thought an Idiot

It's the sort of thing that makes one want to go all Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction:*
Hillary Clinton defended her paid speeches to Wall Street firms, rejecting the idea that the millions of dollars she earned in fees would sway her views on financial firms.

On the heels of repeated attacks from Senator Bernie Sanders, who has seized on the fees to portray Mrs. Clinton as out of touch with ordinary Iowans and other voters, Mrs. Clinton gave an interview this week in Iowa to The Des Moines Register, saying she had no regrets. “Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me,” Mrs. Clinton said, in the article published Friday.

She described her paid speaking — which spanned events for financial firms and a number of other trade associations and businesses, which typically paid fees of around $225,000 per speech — as a chance for business leaders to hear about her views on world events.

“What they were interested in were my views on what was going on in the world,” Mrs. Clinton said. “And whether you’re in health care, or you sell automobiles, or you’re in banking – there’s a lot of interest in getting advice and views about what you think is happening in the world.”
We get it, and it's not what you are saying.

The speaking fees are not a bribe, speeches are a Reward for Demonstrating that You are One of Them.

In talking to them and taking their money, you are proving that you buy into their corrupt and parasitic world view.

The speeches, and the speaking fees are not you selling yourself, they are a Demonstration That You Are Already Owned.

* Jules: Does he look like a bitch?

Brett: What?

Jules: [Shoots Brett in the shoulder] DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?

Brett: No!

Jules: Then why you try to f%$# him like a bitch?

Brett: I didn't...

Jules: Yes you did. Yes you did! You tried to f%$# him. And Marcellus Wallace don't like to be f%$#ed by anybody except Mrs. Wallace.


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