21 December 2015

Here is an Interesting Bit of Politicking………

Joe Steffen, a former aide to former Maryland Governor Robert "Badhair" Ehrlich was forcibly retired from his position when he got caught planting false stories about Martin O'Malley. (Someone caught him bragging)

Because of his reputation as Ehrlich's hatchet man, and the glee with which he did his work got him the nickname, "Prince of Darkness".

He blogs occasionally, and muses on Maryland politics with a focus on the Republican party, which can frequently be rather illuminating.

Case in point:
You know, I can remember when former Governor, Bob Ehrlich, was running for Governor the first time, the time that he won, the time I was still in his employ, that he and a few others from the campaign were in contact with the National Rifle Association (NRA) – in an effort to get the NRA to LOWER its rating of Ehrlich’s time in Congress from an “A” to a “B.”

I don’t recall who it was that Bob and his chosen spoke with at the time, but I do know that the NRA obliged Ehrlich’s request. The reason that the soon-to-be one term Governor made the request is because Bob didn’t want to be going after that office against liberal firebrand and dumbass, Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as an “A” rated NRA supporter. The reason he didn’t want THAT was because at that time the NRA was viewed none too favorably in Maryland, and Ehrlich figured that an “A” rating from them would likely sink his chances at attaining the Governorship.
First, I find it interesting, though not surprising, that the NRA gamed its own rating system to benefit a Republican candidate.

It's also interesting just how a good NRA rating is poison in Maryland, or at least that it was in 2002.

Given that Steffen is complaining about Governor Larry Hogan's tepid moves regarding expanded carry of firearms in Maryland (thank you, Governor), it appears that the politics have not changed much in the state.

It also is another bit of evidence that the NRA has become a blatantly partisan organization.

It's why you read stuff from people that you disagree. You learn stuff.

As to his categorizing Kathleen Kennedy Townsend,(KKT) Robert F. Kennedy's daughter as a, "liberal firebrand and dumbass," I disagree with the former, not because she wasn't a liberal, but because the term, "Firebrand," implies the ability to generate political heat, and KKT could not generate enough heat to light a match.

As to dumbass bit, I have repeatedly noted that KKT was the worst candidate in the history of the Kennedy clan, and arguably the history of history. (She kicked Ehrlich's ass in the debate, and still got beaten like a rug in the election.)


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