10 December 2015

And I Sit in Front of My Monitor, Looking lIke a Cow That Just Stepped on Its Own Udder

I've just discovered that, among the international sports federations, the world Soccer organization FIFA is the 2nd Least corrupt:
A study conducted by Play the Game/Danish Institute for Sports Studies, and published in October 2015, found that on the basic criterion of good governance, Fifa ranks second among the 35 Olympic international sports federations with a Sports Governance Observance index of 67.8 percent.

Yes, the same Fifa that was raided by the police for the second time on Wednesday, resulting in more arrests of its officials. The same Fifa against whose officials US government officials revealed a new indictment that alleges “an even more extensive network of criminal behaviour across dozens of countries and that involved some of the most powerful people in international soccer,” according to The New York Times.
What the f%$#ing f%$3?

We are living in Bizarro world.

H/t Naked Capitalism


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