21 November 2015

This is Not the Onion

She Turned Me Into a Newt!
Former Republican nominee for US Senator Deleware, Christine O'Donnel, who in 2010 was forced to kick of her campaign by declaring that she was not a witch, is now calling an FEC lawsuit over her campaign finance management a "Witch Hunt".

She needs to get this straight. Is she a witch, or isn't she?
Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell said Friday that a Federal Election Commission lawsuit accusing her of improper campaign expenditures is a "witch hunt" and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

O'Donnell, who famously declared during the 2010 Senate race that she was not a witch, made the comment in a teleconference with the federal judge hearing the case.

O'Donnell also said she is having trouble hiring a local attorney, claiming that at least three lawyers she has talked to have received phone calls warning of "political backlash" if they represent her. She declined to identify them or provide further details, noting that an Associated Press reporter was listening to the teleconference.
Yes, I know that my characterization is neither fair nor accurate, but seriously, this is just too good, and too weird, to pass up.


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