09 November 2015

Obama Foreign Policy in One Photograph

It turns out that Henry Kissinger and Samantha Power have been hanging out at ball games and talking diplomacy. (It's an ESPN link, life is weird)

Samantha Power is the UN Ambassador, and has been an important adviser to Obama since his first Presidential campaign, and we get this:
But the 90-year-old former Secretary of State knows baseball, and has been an avid Yankees fan since his youth. Power, on the other hand, can detail decades-old at-bats in the Bronx-Boston rivalry, but from her vantage point as a fervent Red Sox fan. The Irish-born ambassador even wrote this essay for The Boston Globe after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013.

For 30 minutes, as the van negotiated traffic from the East Side of Manhattan to the Major Deegan, Power and Kissinger discussed baseball and diplomacy. The two are natural allies, given his experience and her current work at the United Nations, which included the passage Thursday of a resolution to send 12,000 peacekeepers to the Central African Republic, from where Power had returned that morning.

Power would have a few other issues she'd want to discuss "between pitches" in the owner's box, but the conversation began with the subject of the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry.
What follows is a delightfully chatty interview of the two of them, about how wonderful it is for them to talk baseball and world domination foreign relations.

It appears that there is far less space between Kissinger's policy of homicidal realpolitik and Samantha Powers' policy of muscular liberal interventionism than one would otherwise imagine.

Isolationism is beginning to look a lot more attractive to me.

H/t naked capitalism.


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