16 November 2015

Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together... Mass Hysteria!

In the realm of "Real end of the world stuff, Sarah Palin just showed some introspection, and assigned herself some blame.

It only took 7 years:
Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said in an interview that aired Sunday that the question CBS anchor Katie Couric asked her about what publications she read to form her views on foreign policy was "fair," but that she gave a "crappy" answer.

Couric's infamous interview with the former Alaska governor grabbed headlines because of Palin's lackluster responses.

Couric asked Palin about the newspapers and magazines she read to form her views on foreign policy.

Palin responded that she had a "great appreciation" for the media, but when Couric pressed her to name some of the publications she read, Palin said "all of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years."

Palin later said she was "taken aback" by the question.

In the interview that aired Sunday, Palin said the question was "fair."

"I had a crappy answer," she said. "But it was a fair question."
It's rare to see any politician to have this level of self awareness and humility.

To see it from "Caribou Barbie" is mind boggling.


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