06 October 2015

You Arrogant Ass! You Killed Us!

Somehow or other, they got an agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), so they win, and the rest of us lose:
The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries have agreed to wide-ranging trade pact that would eliminate duties on countless goods and establish uniform rules on intellectual property, labor rights and the environment.

The seven-year effort by the U.S., concluded Monday, was aimed at embedding an American-led vision of an economic and political order in Asia. If approved by Congress, the accord would be the biggest regional trade pact ever reached and one that the U.S. hopes will be a model for future agreements.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, trade deal is expected to help a few U.S. industries while hurting a handful of others. In general, the deal will benefit larger companies in several industries such as pharmaceuticals, entertainment and other services where the U.S. is a global leader. Businesses such as mom-and-pop car-part dealers and apparel makers will probably face more competition from foreign-made goods.
Basically, small businesses get the shaft, as do workers, union rights, environmental and safety protections.

This is a bad deal, and a bankrupt philosophy, and Obama pushed it because he wanted to check another box on his legacy ticket.

I will be calling my Representative and my Senators, and telling him that if they vote for the TPP, I will vote against them in the primary, and in the general.

I'm not just talking about a symbolic vote. I'll vote for whoever is most likely to defeat them, even if this is a Republican.*

My Hope is that there are enough Republicans who will let their hysterical hatred of Obama to vote this down, even though their corporate masters want this.

*I just threw up in my mouth.


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