07 October 2015

Quote of the Day

I didn't get into Parliament to be a bit of f%$#ing arm candy'
—An unnamed Tory woman Member of Parliament, who was upset at being required to walk next to Prime Minister Cameron at the Conservative Party conference
Here's the deal.

If you join a party of Neanderthals, you will be dealing with Neanderthals with Neanderthal attitudes.

I would think that this should be self-evident:
Some female Tory MPs are apparently outraged at being lined up as 'arm candy' to walk alongside Prime Minister David Cameron at this year's party conference.

According to The Spectator, there are a number of new female MPs who have been told to stand and walk alongside the Prime Minister as he makes his way between events at this year's Tory conference in Manchester.

Some of the women are said to be unhappy with the arrangement, which is said to have become apparent when the special rota on who will accompany Mr Cameron on his visits was published among the team.

According to the publication, one source even claimed: 'I didn't get into Parliament to be a bit of f***ing arm candy'.


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