13 October 2015

My Predictions on the Democratic Debate

Actually, my predictions at about what the press will do.

Seeing as I am waiting to pick up my wife from an OSA board meeting, I'll give you my predictions.

The moderators will be asking the most banal questions, with way too much meta. (...How does your campaign respond to ....)

Also the moderators all have at least one completely irrelevant Bernard Shaw type question to spring on one of the participants.

As to the rest of the press:

James Webb will be lauded for his performance, because pundits love "Democrats" who were former Reagan cabinet members who resign because the Gipper was insufficiently bellicose.

Also, since Webb will go big on the non-existent "crisis" in "entitlements", so they will declare him brave.

Unless there is an extended discussion about marijuana, Chaffee will be largely ignored.

O'Malley will be depicted as running for Vice President, and he will be criticized for "running to the left".

Additionally, the former Maryland governor's will be declared effectively dead within a half hour of the debate ending.

Hillary Clinton will be portrayed as calculating and distant, and any attempt for her to humanize herself will be portrayed as as just another ploy.

Bernie Sanders will be treated as a combination of dinosaur and clown with his liberal views widely mocked.

What I want to see is Joe Biden streaking across the stage .... dressed as a Victoria's Secret model .... Who is dressed as an angel.

But I am evil that way.

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