06 October 2015

Google Drops, "Don't Be Evil"

Google has reorganized itself under a holding company called "Alphabet", and this new holding company makes no reference whatsoever to its former slogan:
Google is now Alphabet. Temporary Holding Company Number Two is now Google. And “don’t be evil” is now one step closer to being a thing of the past.

Following the corporate reshuffle at Google, the world’s largest search firm is now owned by a holding company called “Alphabet” – which, confusingly, was temporarily a subsidiary of Google but then executed a “reverse takeover” of its parent company to become the new boss, at which point Google spun off a number of its own subsidiaries such as its life sciences subsidiary Calico and “moonshot” division X to sit under Alphabet.

The end result is that the Google we all know and love still exists, but sits under an entirely new company, with a new name, new brand, new website – and new ethics policy.

When Alphabet was revealed, it was made clear that Google’s pre-existing ethics policy would only apply to the search firm itself, rather than its parent company. But now that Alphabet has revealed its own Code of Conduct, and the words “don’t be evil” are nowhere in sight.
It was only a matter of time, I guess.

The interesting thing here is whether Google's eschewing its prior values will have the effect of making recruiting more difficult.

After all, before Carly Fiorina destroyed "The HP Way", people were willing to take a pay cut to work at the firm.


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