18 October 2015

And this Guy Got a Nobel Peace Prize?

Every time we get a new bit of information about Obama's drone policies, it just gets worse:
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that U.S. drone policy is insane.

But one story told by the main drone whistleblowing reporter – Jeremy Scahill – shows just how insane it really is.

Specifically, Scahill explained today that Americans target TALL people in Afghanistan and other countries … assuming that tall men must be Arabs or “foreign fighters.”

In one instance, the U.S. targeted for drone assassination a man who they thought was unusually tall. In reality, he was a normal-size man … who happened to be surrounded by children.
Notwithstanding some domestic accomplishments, such as his half assed healthcare reform, Obama's true legacy will be his immoral and counterproductive drone war.

Obama's embrace of the contemptible and disasterous historical legacy of the Dulles brothers is complete.


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