13 September 2015

Natalie is Now at School………

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Looking to the future

Still looking to the future

But first, tie my shoe

Good to go
We dropped her off at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and got all of her stuff unloaded.

Me met her roommate, and her roommate's family (her roomate's dad is a fan of The Who as well), and got all the eyes dotted and tees crossed, so we are good go go.

Natalie is spending her first night as a college student.

Before I said goodbye, I told he that she was going to be magnificent.  (Daddy pep talk, don't you know)

We are now back home, tired from the trip, and a little freaked about Natalie being all grown up.

I expect our cat Destructo (Natalie is his human) to bum out for a while.

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