24 August 2015

F%$# Me! I Agree with Bill Kristol!

Though for completely different reasons.

You see, while lamenting the weakness of the Republican field, something that I laud, Bill Kristol made a suggestion for a Presidential candidate:
But all this is a sideshow. I present to you now the most correct thing that Bill Kristol will ever write:
And there are distinguished conservative leaders from outside politics; Justice Samuel Alito…
Let me be clear: I cannot possibly endorse this more strongly. Alito should run. He should be the nominee. The discussion should be over. And needless to say the ticket should be balanced with the nation’s most prominent African-American conservative. ALITO/THOMAS ’16! Make it happen.
I'd love to see Alito run for President.

Anything to get those antediluvian ratf$#@s off the f%$#ing court.


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