17 July 2015

I Expect to See a Massive Increase in Tourism to Turkey

In response to a previous opinion by another Turkish theologian, Ahmet Mahmut Unlu, a Turkish televangelist has specifically stated that oral sex is a permitted sex act under Islam:
Last week, Turkish theologian Ali Rıza Demircan made headlines when he described “advanced oral sex” as forbidden in Islam during a television interview, as viewers watched the presenter erupt into laughter.

However, in a response to the controversial claim, a popular Muslim televangelist in Turkey offered an opposing view, saying Islam permits oral sex.

“Do not invent a lie on behalf of Allah,” said Ahmet Mahmut Unlu, popularly known as “Cubbeli Ahmet Hoca” (Robed Ahmet Hoca) among his followers, during his latest televised sermon, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Unlu said the Quran does not have verses that stipulate such ban on oral sex.


“No Islamic jurisprudence calls it a haram act, but some find it inappropriate. So, how can [Demircan] say that it is haram? What is your source?” Unlu said.
I guess that "Advanced Oral Sex" is a 300 level course.

Certainly, I can see how a debate about this issue might get out of  ……… hand.


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