11 June 2015

Can We Please Give Texas Back to Mexico? (Part XIII)

Nope, no racism here.
In yet another outburst that reflects poorly on the culture of the Lone Star State, an an elementary school teacher calls for a return to segregation in response to the cop losing his sh%$ in McKinney:
A Frenship teacher said she apologized after writing a Facebook post saying she was “almost to the point” of wanting segregation regarding a racially charged police issue in McKinney.

Karen Fitzgibbons, a teacher at Bennett Elementary School, told A-J Media she deleted the post Wednesday evening — a day after writing the publicly viewable post on her Facebook page.

Asked about the post, a Frenship ISD spokesman said such matters are “taken very seriously.”


“I’m going to just go ahead and say it ... the blacks are the ones causing the problems and this ‘racial tension.’ I guess that’s what happens when you flunk out of school and have no education. I’m sure their parents are just as guilty for not knowing what their kids were doing; or knew it and didn’t care. I’m almost to the point of wanting them all segregated on one side of town so they can hurt each other and leave the innocent people alone. Maybe the 50s and 60s were really on to something. Now, let the bashing of my true and honest opinion begin....GO! #imnotracist #imsickofthemcausingtrouble #itwasatagedcommunity,” the Facebook post stated.

Fitzgibbons insisted the post “was not directed at any one person or group.”
Not directed at any person or group?

I assume that unicorns fly out of your ass as well?

In a comment to the press, Fitzgibbons stated tha she had, "Apologized to the appropriate people," but has declined to explain who the "appropriate people" are.

The only way that she can have apologized to the appropriate people is if she apologized to each and every one of the 7,321,243,458 on the planet earth, because she needs to apologize to the entire human race for that crap.

I have not gotten my apology yet.

The fact that she has a job to mold the young minds of the next generation does not bode well for our future.


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