08 May 2015

Quote of the Day

And of course, the more Labour comes to be occupied by influential but unrepresentative middle-class professionals, the more contemptuous it becomes of the Other Britain, the lesser Britain, the stupid Britain that won’t obediently vote Labour even though Labour only wants to care for it and nudge it towards health and decency.
Brendan O’Neill in Spiked, an online current affairs publication in the UK
I find this interesting, because the article describes a sort of progressive contempt for the "common man" that Obama just demonstrated in his Nike speech.

When "We know what is best for you" trumps "What do you need" you get this sort of political malpractice.

I think that Labour, like the Democratic Party, loathes their base, while the Tories, like the Republican Party, are terrified of their base.

Time for the liberal base to get some scalps, because putting fear into the hearts of the professional political class gets results.


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