10 April 2015

My Daughter is Over the F%$#ing Moon!

Yesterday, I was kvetching about being in New York City because I was in the culinary center of the Hemisphere, but because it was Passover, and day 7, one of the 4 Yom Tovim of Pesach, so by the time we got to the City, even those few Kosher restaurants that were serving over Passover, were shutting down.

We were there for an audition for Natalie with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a prestigious acting school (in fact the oldest acting school in the English speaking world).

It has a 2 year conservatory program.

Well, she got a call from them today, and she's in!

Much happiness all around.

Here is a video of her reaction.

Note, however, that this is about 10 minutes after the call, so she had already calmed down by at least a factor of 10:

In the immediate aftermath of the call, she was way more euphoric.

It was actually a bit scary.


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