09 June 2014

Anyone Surprised that the Vegas Gunman are Tied in with Camp Bundy?

Roll Tape!
The Secretary of the Interior has observed that alleged terrorists Jerad and Amanda Miller spent time at the Clive Bundy ranch, or as Wonkette notes, "Oh Look Some Bundy Ranchers Did A Vegas Spree Killing, For Freedom."

The Bundies have been tryinb very hard to pretend that the Millers were never a part of the protest, but see the tape of Mr. Miller on the Bundy Ranch.

There is a point where right wing American Caucasian entitlement crosses the line to terrorism, and the Millers, and to my mind the Bundys and their fellow travelers are both over that line.

An aggressive investigation of everyone involved with threatening law enforcement and BLM personnel is necessary.


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