29 April 2014

Why is this Woman Still a Part of Our Political Discourse?

Sarah Palin just said that, "Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists."

No, I am not paraphrasing, this was a direct quote:
With her legitimate political career all but unsalvageable, Sarah Palin has embraced her new role as a carnival barker. Speaking over the weekend at the National Rifle Association "Stand And Fight" rally at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Palin attempted an Ann Coulter routine meant to offend anyone not white and at least a little racist. “Not all intolerant, anti-freedom leftist liberals are hypocrites,” she offered before endorsing torture. “I’m kidding — yes, they are!” Zing — plus 1,000 patriot points.

And then her centerpiece joke, which really had very little to do with the gun nuts directly. “If I were in charge …” — wistful pause — “they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” The crowd erupted.
How I long for the day that she is relegated to the ash heap of history.


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