16 December 2013

Because It is too Expensive, and the Side Effects are too Extreme

Over at "Even the Liberal" New Republic, Eric Sasson finds a new drug that reduces the chance of HIV transmission by nearly 99%.

He is perplexed ans surprised that there has been little in the way of publicity or action regarding the now FDA approved drug, Truvada.

The answer to this question is simple. In addition to nasty , potentially lethal blood chemistry changes, osteoporosis, liver problems, hepatitis B infections getting worse, Neausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, joint pain, trouble sleeping, and back pain, this drug has an extremely high price, to the tune of over $1200 a month.

This is yet another example of how an over broad IP regime.

The retail price, set by the manufacturer by virtue of their monopoly rights under patent, is preventing it from having a meaningful impact on the AIDS epidemic

The solution here is to make patents, particularly those for drugs, less expansive (also, end evergreening), along with an aggressive regime of compulsory licensing.


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