05 September 2013

Pass the Popcorn………

Pass the Popcorn
The NRA has joined with the ACLU's lawsuit against NSA surveillance of Americans. They are maintaining that it violates the law against maintaining a national gun registry:
The National Rifle Association has joined a lawsuit against the federal government's sweeping surveillance program, claiming the collection of phone records and other data violates First Amendment rights and amounts to an illegal gun registry.

In supporting the American Civil Liberties Union's lawsuit, the NRA on Wednesday filed a supporting brief arguing the National Security Agency's datamining "could allow identification of NRA members, supporters, potential members, and other persons with whom the NRA communicates, potentially chilling their willingness to communicate with the NRA."

The NSA's phone database would let the government track whether gun owners called the NRA, gun stores, shooting ranges or others.
The brief also says the database "could allow the government to circumvent legal protections for Americans' privacy, such as laws that guard against the registration of guns or gun owners," thereby creating an illegal "national gun registry."

The ACLU welcomed the gun group's support.
As strange as it sounds, I welcome the NRA's support as well.


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