22 April 2013

Worst People in the World

The modeling agents in Sweden tried to recruit models from an eating disorder clinic:
A well-known clinic in Sweden has managed to attract a following that stands outside the entrance, approaches patients, and ... tries to recruit them to be models?

Indeed, while the United States struggles to keep women's health clinic patients safe from vitriolic anti-abortion protesters, Sweden's issue is based at the 1,700-bed Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders, the largest clinic of its kind in the country. Agents have been known to stand outside the clinic and approach teenage patients, offering the sometimes horrifically ill girls work as models because of their small size. These instances provide a shocking look into how shallow the modeling world is capable of being, caring only about young women's physical attributes and not their health.

One of Sweden's largest modeling agencies once approached a 14-year-old girl and handed her a business card, while another girl who was so sick she was in a wheelchair was interviewed by another agent right outside the clinic. These awful people care not for these girls' poor health — you know, the reason they're at the clinic — but instead for their proven ability to lose a lot of weight very quickly.
This is so deeply evil that it just buggers the mind.

Their mothers should have drowned these guys at birth.


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