17 April 2013

Quote of the Day

On suggestions by a CEO of a company that makes its money from making all of us scared and paranoid:
It sounds to me like the Boston marathon attendees fell down on their job to prevent the attack.

Complete and utter paranoid nonsense

You have no obligation to be a free and voluntary force of Stasi informants.

Nor does the government have the ability to prevent every possible mishap.

What can be done is to care for the injured and assist, if possible, in finding those responsible.

Even more importantly, to live free of fear and suspicion of others.

Otherwise, the terrorists and their counterparts like Phrantceena Halres will have won.

—Patrick Durusau on the assertions of so called security experts that we all need to be paranoid and terrified
FYI,Halrez is, "founder, chairman and CEO Total Protection Services International, a security services company focused exclusively on high threat/close proximity safety and security services."

So she is in the "scaring the sh%$# out of us" business.


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