06 February 2013

Stupidest Idea in Maryland

While Maryland is not generally considered a good government state, witness the regular indictments of Maryland politicos, but the Prince George's County Board of Education takes the cake:
There are some absolutely ridiculous situations created by the fact that all creative works are automatically granted a copyright on being put into a fixed form. Mostly, we just ignore these situations, because the vast majority of them never matter. But, as copyright has become more and more ridiculous, some people are beginning to start to make use of the stupid fact that all kinds of things can be "owned" that probably shouldn't be "ownable." Take, for example, school work. If a student creates something, it is covered by copyright, though most people never really consider or care about that. However, the board of education for Prince George [sic] County in Maryland is apparently considering a new "copyright policy" in which all students and staff would have to assign all of those copyrights over to the school system itself.
(emphasis original)

I don't see how they have a leg to stand on with the children, who are not employees, and so could not be seen as producing work for hire.

This is nucking futs.


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