11 January 2013

Ooh, Baby, You Are So Talented!

And They Are So Dumb!

You remember how Dick "Army of Dicks" Armey spilled the beans on how he and the rest of FreedomWorks was basically grifting?

Well, it appears that he confused the conservative Media Research Center, and the liberal Media Matters when he spilled the beans:
There's been a remarkable amount of drama surrounding Dick Armey's departure from FreedomWorks, culminating Friday with a stunning report from Media Matters, who interviewed the former House Majority Leader directly. Armey had all kinds of interesting insights to share with the progressive group, including tidbits on pay-for-play agreements with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and the FreedomWorks' practice of charging activists to attend free events.

Though many of Armey's revelations should probably be taken with a grain of salt -- the former GOP leader seemed confused about some of the details he shared -- there was a larger question that puzzled nearly everyone: why in the world was Dick Armey dishing dirt to Media Matters?

The Daily Caller, a conservative outlet, tracked down the answer.
Dick Armey had no idea he was speaking to the left-wing Media Matters organization during an interview last week, he told The Daily Caller Tuesday. Instead, Armey thought he was chatting with the conservative Media Research Center. [...]

As for who he thought he was speaking to, Armey asked the Daily Caller, "Who's the guy with the red beard that always does the show where he points out how biased the press is?" Told he seemed to be referring to the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell, who does a weekly "Media Mash" segment on Fox News, Armey said, "Yeah, I thought it was Brent Bozell."
As the saying goes, "ない愚かさはない薬です".*

If these guys had half a brain, we'd be in trouble.  Of course, if they had half a brain. they would not be movement conservatives.

H/t Crooks and Liars.

*Pronounced in Japanese, "baka ni tsukeru kusuri wanai", which means, "There is no medicine for stupidity." Apologies for any inaccuracies in the text, I do not know Japanese.


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