23 January 2013

Britain's Cameron Calls for Referendum on EU Membership

He wants to get back some of the powers that have gone to the EU, but the big story is that he is calling for a referendum on leaving the EU:
David Cameron has said the British people must "have their say" on Europe as he pledged an in/out referendum if the Conservatives win the election.

The prime minister said he wanted to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU and then give people the "simple choice" between staying in under those new terms, or leaving the EU.

The news was welcomed by Eurosceptics who have long campaigned for a vote.

France and Germany both warned the UK could not "cherry pick" EU membership.

During noisy Prime Minister's Questions exchanges in Parliament, Labour leader Ed Miliband said Mr Cameron was "running scared" of the UK Independence Party, whose poll ratings have been rising.
It's not just the UKIP. It's also the right wing of his own party who is Euroskeptical, though the Lib-Dems, his junior coalition partners are strongly pro-EU, so he's got a nasty balancing act.

As to how the vote goes?  My prediction is that the vote won't ever happen.

I think David Cameron will find a way to declare victory and so not hold the vote.

Then again, my powers of prognostication suck wet farts from dead pigeons.


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