08 December 2012

Weldome Senator Clayton Bigsby*

Tim Scott(R) is favored to be appointed to replace Jim DeMint
So, JimDemint is resigning from the Senate in January to head the Heritage Foundation (read the link, it's Charlie Pierce at his finest), and he is recommending that Tim Scott, who is arguably the nation's most prominent African American teabagger, be appointed to replace him by governor Nikki Haley.

My guess is that he realized that he is widely loathed by his fellow Republicans, he has been intimately involved in primary challenges against members of his party, and that it is unlikely that he would be in the majority, or that he would get a leadership position, and the presidency of the Heritage Foundation pays a lot more than being a Senator.

In my heart of hearts though, I'm hoping that it's a gay sex prostitution scandal that got him to leave the Senate, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

*Clayton Bigsby is a character from Chapelle's Show. He is a blind black man who is a white supremacist because he does not know that he is black.
Yes, the role of "Nation's most prominent African American teabagger" is not a particularly crowded field.


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