24 December 2012

Talk About Irony

Over at the Stellar Parthenon BBS, JR was discussing banging his head against a wall a discussion with his right-wing father over gun control.

In describing the discussion, he wrote the following:
I do think its a complicated question and gun control is only part of it. We have other nations with high gun ownership and not as many rampages. I do think that we need to approach the mental health angle, the question of how our society makes people crazy in the first place, etc.

It's kind of like fire-fighting. Having firemen is a good thing but building places like tinderboxes is also a big problem. Having no building codes is a problem. There are a lot of ways to mitigate against fire before it ever happens. But the f%$#ing NRA is like any other industry advocacy group trying to prevent reform because it costs money. The f%$#ing car companies said we couldn't afford safety equipment in cars. Manufacturers said OSHA standards would be too expensive to comply with. Maimed workers are the cost of doing business.
(%$# mine)

It's a valid point.

Today though, it's fraught with irony, because earlier today, some whack-job set a fire in Webster, NY and ambushed the firefighters who responded, shooting two of them dead.

Seriously, f%$# the NRA.

Better yet, don't f%$# the NRA, or more specifically don't f%$# NRA members.  Take the example of Lysistrata.


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