17 December 2012

Just Read This

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother.

She really isn't.  Rather, Liza Long is describing the issues involved with raising her son, an extremely intelligent, and very troubled 13 year old., from the mom of a troubled adolescent, but there is a bigger issue that it obliquely address we look at the most prominent mass shootings in the past few years, they seem to be marked by the complete breakdown of the mental health infrastructure in this country.

Starting with Ronald Reagan, we have systematically dismantled our mental health infrastructure, so now we have the the emergency room, jails, and acute inpatient facilities.

For chronic, less severe mental health problems, there is nothing out there, except, "Take 3 pills daily," or moving to some place with a less antediluvian public health system, like Canada, or Spain, or Portugal, or India(!), or Egypt(!!), or Greece (until a year ago, when Angela Merkel demanded that they adopt the US's 3rd world health system because Greek pain equals German votes).


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