12 November 2012

Who Knew that I Would Be the Proprietor of a Cat House?

No, I don't mean a house of prostitution, I mean a house for cats.

You may recall that I have a bit of a cat infestation.

We have still been unable to figure out how the cat is getting in, so I'm attempting to provide an alternative place to escape the weather.

The first floor overhangs the basement by about 2 feet, so I've used some plywood to make a shelter, where we can set out food, and the feral cats in the neighborhood can shelter there.

Hopefully RP, the cat that has found a way to break into our house, will find this a suitable alternative, and stay the F%$# out of my house.

(on edit)

I added a picture of the little cat shelter. It's not painted, but the cats don't care.

Also, as to the folks that would argue that my making a cat-house would be giving into terrorists, all I can say is, "Welcome to life with cats." It is what it means to love cats.


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