21 October 2012

I Think That My Dad Still Has Some McGovern 1972 Stationary Somewhere in Our House

He died today, at age 90.  (George McGovern died, not my dad)

He was a better man on every level than Richard Nixon, and would have made a better President.

As depressing as it sounds, I think that Nixon might very well have been a better President than all of those that proceeded him.

He was certainly better than the overwhelming majority of them.

That is a scary thought.


Unknown said...

He was an amazing person. Love his speech on the Senate floor about Vietnam. Also cool a real (REAL) vet. Not big on all his policy but I believe he would have made a great president.

Anonymous said...

sorry for your loss. still have my Mom's Adlai buttons. I surely hope we can find a way to put the integrety back in government ...

Matthew Saroff said...

I was unclear.

George McGovern died, not my dad.

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