29 May 2012

Nope, No Racism Here

Justin Combs excelled at football, and got a 3.75 GPA, and so he got a $54K mertit and athletic scholarship to UCLA.

It appears that the good folks at CNN find this controversial, because it was Shawn "P-Diddy" Combs kid, (no direct link, they don't deserve it) and they want him to give the money back.

There are plenty of kids who get scholarships whose parents are filthy rich, but they aren't black, in a profession which is stereotypically black (rap), so there is no question if they should return their scholarships.

I believe that a two word phrase was in the head of whoever whoever mad this post (no name listed) on CNN.

The first word was probably "uppity", and the second word probably began with the 14th letter in the English alphabet.

H/t Atrios.


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