25 April 2012

Nino is F%$#ing Nuts

I mean, of course, Antonin Scalia, who just compared Arizona's "Papers Please" law to the FBI investigating bank robberies:
The debate surrounding Arizona’s immigration law is a heated one — and on Wednesday, Justice Antonin Scalia added to the strong sentiments swirling in the case. Questioning U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Scalia asked what’s wrong with states enforcing federal law, adding, “There is a federal law against robbing federal banks. Can it be made a state crime to rob those banks?”
Charlie pierce has concluded that fat Tony is phoning it in, (See also here.) and that he has realized that he'll never be chief justice, and he's bored with the court, and he's just f%$#ing with use.

I'm inclined to agree.


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