16 April 2012

A Nice Recapitulation of Rather and Bush

I'm not sure if it really reveals much, but I think that it's pretty clear that Rather and his producers got punk'd by Karl Rove.

It's basically a recapitulation of what we know, but the circumstantial evidence is:
  • George W. Bush got into the National Guard because his dad, or someone close to him, pulled stings.
  • Ben Barnes was in the thick of things, and some (remarkably corrupt) doings involving the Texas Lottery were involved, which might have been the real reason that Harriet Miers was dropped as a Supreme Court nominee.
  • Texas is generally a festering pit of corruption and self dealing.
  • That what Dan Rather reported was probably true, but that someone *cough* Karl Rove *cough* used false documents to simultaneously get the facts out and discredit them.  (He appears to have done the same with the late J. H. Hatfield with his book Fortunate Son)
  • Bush almost certainly stopped flying when he became afraid to fly.
So there are no new blockbusters, and quote honestly, much like the Reagan/Bush deal to keep the Iranian hostages locked up in 1980, the 'Phants are well past the denial stage, and into dismissing the whole affair as irrelevant common knowledge.

H/t Jesse Singal at Washington Monthly.


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