22 August 2011

While We Are On the Subject of Bank of America

When you offer a bribe, make sure that the mic is not live
Look at the video for this gem. A representative of Bank of America walks up to Rick Perry, and says, "Bank of America... We will help you out".

It turns out that be Bank Of America's director of public policy, James Mahoney.

Nope, no quid pro quo here, BoA has released a statement saying that, "Bank of America does not endorse Presidential candidates. The reference was about following up on the substance of the speech about job creation and economic growth."

Yeah, we believe you, and we believe it when you say that MERS properly recorded mortgages, and that you f%$#s didn't pay off the ratings agencies to rate your garbage as AAA,

H/t Cthulhu.*

*No, not the unspeakably malevolent super-being, the contributor to the Stellar Parthenon BBS.
OK, I've never seen the two of them together, so Cthulhu might actually be the Cthulhu, but the mere fact that he is on a BBS, interacting with humans would seem to mitigate against this.
Yes, I know, this is the internet, where no one knows if you are a dog.


Cthulhu said...

<span><span>"No, not the unspeakably malevolent super-being..."</span></span>
<span><span>Well actually...Teh interwebs are an excellent way to keep track of you humans....</span></span>

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