14 August 2011

Vengeance Is Mine, Sayeth the Dad

So, we want to a Bar Mitzvah today, and we told Charlie that since he was only 12, he needed to wear a suit jacket and a tie.

He was OK on the tie, but refused to wear a suit jacket.

We are talking yelling, and screaming, and passive aggressive resistance.

Eventually, we got him into the car, and put the jacket in the back, and when when we got there, it was held at the old Washington Post building, we got him to take the jacket in, but not to wear it.

Toward the end of the evening, I asked Charlie if he could put on the jacket for 15 seconds, so that I could snap a picture of it.

He put on the jacket, and I reminded him that he was turning 12 next month, and that  his Bar Mitzvah would be a year from that.

I then informed him that a suit jacket with tie was non-negotiable for his Bar Mitzvah, and as it sunk in, I snapped this picture.

Not a happy young man, huh?


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