10 August 2011

I Made a 911 Funny Today

Things are in flux at work. The US Army has cancelled itsMulti-Function Utility/Logistics and Equipment Vehicle (MULE), and the MULE is supposed to be the lead platform for the Autonomous Navigation System (ANS) that I am working on.

So, the future path for our program is not clear, and rumors are running rampant.

With the end of the fiscal year coming up, we got an update on the current state of the rumor mill from our boss at our department's weekly meeting, which is a rather humane, and intelligent way of handling things.

He noted that there was still plenty to do in either case, so we shouldn't slack off:
Boss: We need statuses on progress, so we don't go into airplane mode.

Me: Airplane mode?

Boss: (Makes throwing motion) Throwing paper airplanes as you get to the end. (instead of working)

Me: Oh, I thought that you meant 911.
You know, I think that this is the first actually funny joke about 911* that I've heard, and I was the one who made it.

And BTW, as the meeting was breaking up, the boss's de facto number 2 threw a paper airplane.

It's a nice group of people there.

Needless to say, posting is likely to be light for a while, I have work to wrap up, and a resume to update.

*Yes, I know all the jokes about "Hijackers surprised to find themselves in hell" stuff, but that is not a 911 joke, it's a hijacker joke.


Iain said...

I was thinking airplane mode was the mode you put your phone in where all it can do is play games and doesn't talk to other people.

Your Brother said...

You know, that picture look like a dalek.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

Exterminate!!!  Exterminate!!!!

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