24 March 2011

Put a Fork in it, MERs is Done

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) has been under increasing pressures for its legal basis (it appears that they never registered loan transfers), it's corporate structure (a few dozen employees, and tens of thousands of "Vice Presidents" who were actually employed its clients, so it functioned as principal and agent), and its shoddy record keeping.

Well, MERS is now done.

First, it instructed it clients not to foreclose in its name, then Essex County, MA and Guilford County NC both filed multimillion dollar lawsuits against the entity for illegally evading county recording fees, and now Freddie Mac has said that servicers of its loan portfolio will no longer be allowed to foreclose in MERS's name.

So, the PTB have come to the conclusion that MERS is complete sh%$, both from a legal as well as a factual perspective.

Of course, they knew this 15 years ago, when MERS was founded, but now they realize that he courts are recognizing it as well.

One question though:  Why is no one going to jail?


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