28 February 2011

Kathleen Parker Quits Parker Spitzer on CNN

Well, now that she is leaving, perhaps I can check out the successor show without the right wing idoocy for "balance":
Kathleen Parker has been dropped from "Parker Spitzer," and the show is being replaced by a new show called "In The Arena," the network announced Friday.

In a memo to staff, CNN President Ken Jautz said that "In The Arena" would be an "ensemble" show, with "several newsmakers, guests and contributors joining Eliot Spitzer each night." Among the regulars will be former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill and National Review writer Will Cain.
(emphasis mine)


Then again, it maybe not.

The interesting thing here is that when Kathleen Parker took a temporary leave for medical reasons, the show's ratings doubled.

Where Spitzer has credibility is his experience in dealing with Wall Street lawbreaking, and by larding the show up with "balance", it makes it worse TV.

I'll probably check it out at some point, if just because I can't stand Lawrence O'Donnell, who is opposite to their time slot.

Is there a site online where I can see CNN streaming?


Old Pinko said...

Why don't you like Lawrence O'Donnell? I miss Olbermann, but don't see much wrong with O'Donnell. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on this.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

He's a Moynihan (literally, used to be a staffer), "lie about social security" Democrat, he flat out lied about the Obama tax capitulation (it raised taxes on the pooest people), and he is a font of inside-the beltway narcissistic conventional wisdom.

Old Pinko said...

Thank you for explaining your position.

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