17 November 2010

Speaking of Saroff's Rule

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If a financial transaction is complex enough to require that a news organization use a cartoon to explain it, its purpose is to deceive.
Williambanzai7 at zero hedge finds this description of how mortgage securitization works from an auditor by the name of Dan Edstrom.

The gentleman, "Performs securitization audits (Reverse Engineering and Failure Analysis) for a company called DTC-Systems."

Of course, Saroff's Rule does not strictly apply here.

This is not the product of a publication that is generating graphics for the edification of the reading public.

This is a visual aid to a Securitization Workshop for Attorneys, and it is what happened to his own mortgage.

This is not some theoretical mortgage that he looked at. This is his mortgage.

It took him a full year to track it all down, and his business is to do mortgage securitizations.

This happens because complexity is the enemy of transparency, and without transparency, the opportunities to profit by cheating and defrauding your counter-parties increases.


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