25 August 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!?

First, I hear news that some guy flipped out and allegedly stabbed, Ahmed Sharif, a cabbie in New York because the drive was Muslim, and now we discover that this guy worked for a multicultural organization promoting peace and tolerance:
As you've seen in our earlier reports, we have what appears to be a straight-up hate crime, in which an NYC cabbie picks up a fare, passenger asks him if he's Muslim and then stabs him in the neck. The NYPD says Michael Enright, 21, is going to be charged with 2nd degree attempted murder and a hate crime. (See the statement from the victim here.)

Only then things get a little weird. Enright is not who you'd expect. He's a film student who'd recently been either volunteering for or employed by Intersection International, a multifaith and multicultural effort which seeks to promote justice and peace. And the group has very publicly come out in favor of the Cordoba House project, what opponents call the "Ground Zero Mosque."

Needless to say, that's a bit difficult to figure.
This is just freaky, and I just don't get it, though reports indicate that a significant amount of alcohol was involved.

But if you are talking about this tomorrow, note that the "New York cabbie" has a name, Ahmed Sharif, and remember his name.


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